Artwork and Photography

I am a visual artist and photographer and, as an artist, I paint and experiment with collage-making (and my collages often feature my poetry and/or photography). You can view a gallery of some of my artwork below.

As a photographer, I shoot street photography and operate a photography business where I do portraits, lifestyle shoots, and weddings (you can visit my website or my digital photography portfolio).

Sample Artwork Publications

  • like a cell of your skin, Old Bones, and The Accident – published in Posit: A Journal of Literature and Art (Issue 26, January 2021)
  • Just Can’t Let it Go, No Parking, Part 1, No Parking, Part 2, October (2006) (cover art), and Things I Knew When I Was Young – published in West Trestle Review (November & December 2020)
  • Display of Dinosaurs, Sleep on the Floor, Parts 2-4, and Sugar in Water – published in sea foam mag (February 2020)